Kiki, the dolphin, meets people
People adore dolphins.
This is because dolphins are
very clever and beautiful.
Dolphins look friendly
because it seems like they're
always smiling, even when
there're unhappy sometimes.
Dolphins have a very
interesting life!
Kiki was born in a warm faraway sea.
He didn't know then about the
adventures that lay ahead...
Dolphins are not fish. They are mammals just like us. The Mother feeds the little one with milk and does not leave her child until it grows older. Grown-ups teach the little ones everything they know and do. Also, dolphins, just like people, give their children names..
Kiki's mother was so kind and caring. Their friends and family helped them to hunt and defended them from any danger. Kiki's relatives and elders taught him how to catch fish and find something to eat at the bottom of the sea.
Dolphins eat fish and squid and often hunt in groups. They communicate with each other by whistling and clicking. They can even understand other animals, for example whales.
Kiki met many friends. They played together and hunted for fish to eat. Once they even saw sleeping whales! Kiki wanted to take a closer look at them.

"Stop! You will wake them up! Look at them, they are so huge!" said Kiki's friends, "You are so curious, Kiki..."
But the whales turned out to be very kind and they only whispered, "Silence, sweetie, silence…"
Dolphins swim very fast and dive very deep! They, just like us, breathe air. That is why dolphins need to come to the surface to breathe. But they can hold their breath for a very long time.
Soon Kiki's big family set off to travel around the ocean. They swam and sometimes dived so deep to catch some fish.
This is how Kiki got to know that there were many beautiful and amazing creatures living in the ocean.
Dolphins help each other in dangerous situations. Sometimes they even save people who get into trouble in the sea.
Close to the shore, where the most beautiful corals and colourful fishes were, Kiki's older brother got tangled in some fishermen's nets.
Kiki's brother hurt his fins and could not swim anymore.
Older dolphins helped him to come up to the surface to breathe and fed him until he was better.
Most people like dolphins but some of them do not care about their wellbeing. There are people who catch dolphins for money and sell them to dolphinariums or circuses.
One day something terrible happened. Kiki and his friends were entangled within some nets that appeared out of nowhere.
They fought desperately to escape, but the tricky people caught them and locked them in a cage.
Kiki was very sad as he looked out into the ocean that he could not reach.
It may seem to us that dolphins like to perform in the circus, but it is not true! They are kept in captivity and very often treated badly. They are made to do tricks before they are given food and sometimes even get hurt.
At sunset a boy came up to the water. Curious Kiki swam up to him and begun to gaze as he had never seen such a small person before.
"They want to send you to the circus,
I've seen dolphins there!" The boy said to Kiki, "people think dolphins are happy to perform, but I saw that this was not true. They were unhappy and sad in captivity."
This boy is not the only one. Many people want to stop the violent treatment to dolphins, just like he did. There are teams of scientists that help dolphins to return to the sea when they get lost and find themselves on the shore. There are International organizations that teach people around the world to save dolphins. In some countries, there are laws defending their rights.
The boy cut off the nets and set the dolphins free.
They were playing and jumping in the sea very happily, whistling and chattering to the boy. The dolphins were thanking him.
The boy was the son of a fisherman, and of course he knew that the grown-ups would not like what he had done.
Nowadays most people treat dolphins with respect and care. The best way to watch them is in the sea, their home. It is very interesting to study dolphins, their habitats, their lifestyle, their ways of communication, both with each other and other animals.
"What have you done?!" The boy heard his father say.
Although the boy was already big, he began to cry. His father felt sorry for him, he understood his son. He asked the other fishermen to forgive the boy, and they left for the village.
"Papa, I don't care if I'm punished! I could not do it any other way! What you do is so cruel! They must live in the sea, their home..."
Dolphins and people are so alike! And we have many things to learn from them.
When Kiki finally returned to his mother, he did not want to leave her side even for one minute. But after some time he began to swim further away and play with his friends
One day Kiki asked his mother "mummy, what are they like, the people? Are they evil? As the ones that caught me? Or maybe are they kind? Like the boy who released me, he is human too…"
"People, like dolphins, can sometimes do cruel things, and sometimes do good things." This was the answer of Kiki's mother.
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